Best Escape Rooms London: 5 Tips To Break Out Of The Room


Escape rooms are challenging and fun. One of their most thrilling aspects is that you never know what to expect. Most teams that participate in one fail to break out. Not because they’re stupid in solving puzzles; it is a matter of strategy. The more you play on the best escape rooms London, the better you are going to get.

If you are planning to book one of the best escape rooms London, all you can do is prepare and do your best to win. Here are some more tips that you can use to escape the room.


1. Sort out the items/clues you find

In every escape room, you’ll discover a lot of items as well as clues that might be useful as you progress to the game. Sometimes you will find one puzzle that needs a piece that you either found already or yet to be discovered. That’s why it is important that you know which of these items are already in your possession and which ones are yet to be found. By organising and putting these pieces together in one place, you will save a great deal of time.


2. Be mindful of the time limit

On your escape room experience, you will definitely encounter a puzzle, which is very hard to solve, and it might use up a lot of your time. In such cases, it’s ideal to move forward and come back for that certain puzzle if you still have the time.

Moreover, escape rooms have numerous puzzles that require to be solved. Therefore, preventing you from staying in just one place and encourage you to move to the next. There are some instances when you will discover the answer to the puzzle as you go in another direction. However, if you can’t truly figure it out after bunch of tries, asking for some more clues from the host is recommended to get you back on track.


3. Have fun and enjoy the game

Keep in mind that the purpose of the game is for you to enjoy. If you escape each game successfully but end up arguing with your teammates, then it might not be worth the win. Just embrace the game and not the outcome.

Also, some of the most exciting and fun escape room experiences were the ones you didn’t escape. Panicking and worrying about the time limit won’t help you focus instead, it might distract you more. Loosen up and let the experience take you wherever it is going to go.


4. Practice good communication

In escape room games, it is not about who can play the boss or who can scream the loudest. You have to work together to solve all the puzzles by communicating and listening to each other effectively. When you voice out your ideas, such as what you can see and hear, then this can truly enhance your team’s knowledge and boost your chances of winning. Other might think that working on it alone is much easier as their teammates might slow down the progress, but this will just lead to confusion and troubles.

Furthermore, an escape room team works best when they are united in solving everything. Thus, when one of the members has a crazy idea yet a reasonable one, it’s better to hear them out and consider trying it. If it’s reversible and not a bad idea, who knows it might just be a step closer to the answer.


5. Always ask for hints

Before an escape room game begins, a game master will lay out all the rules. Most of the time, he will slip some helpful tips at the beginning that can save you a great deal of time. For this reason, make sure to listen to them carefully to avoid missing out on the given hints.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask for some additional hints during the game, especially if you have spent a long time solving a certain clue or puzzle. You can use a walkie-talkie, wave into a camera, or pay attention to the in-game actor. Game masters are trained to push you in the right direction so you can start solving puzzles again.

You are now equipped with some valuable tips that you can apply to your next escape room game. While doing so, always remember to enjoy yourself and don’t feel so pressured to escape. There are always a lot of best escape rooms London based out there that you can try if you fail to win the first few times.